We Are Not Gemüsed (WANG) was born in September 2012, and we created as an English version of the then popular “Wir Sind Nicht gevegetabled” – A kabaret show where 3 men named Klaus stood around a rotten lettuce crying.

It has since grown to be it’s own brand that’s home to locals and internationals alike, it can be found every Tuesday, 20:30 at Sameheads Bar, Richardstr. 10, Neukolln.

The Team

Paul Matthew Salamone

Blah blah Syracuse godfather hosting yadda yadda Facebook page


Caroline Matthew Clifford

Do dey doo vagina cats casio british lesbian Facebook page



Molly Poppet

Speefy schpee canadian lovely doors morale whiskey.


Logo: Klaus Cornfield
The best bar in Berlin: Sameheads (it really is)
All the other English comedy: Comedy in English Berlin